When a customer has an unproven prototype design that they need reliably machined, Delta Dynamics is the perfect manufacturer for them to entrust their gear design process to. We use our years of experience and industry knowledge to analyze the design for reliable, efficient machinability and gear grinding. The gear development process we follow allows us to identify problems and modify the design so we can offer solutions and ideas that enhance the whole part. Our gear design process ensures that the manufactured part will not only meet the customers’ design requirements, but that it will function effectively and durably in its application. Throughout our gear development process, we use a “Beyond Standard Specifications” design consultation method that guarantees any part or systems manufactured by Delta Dynamics will exceed all expectations and function more effectively than originally designed.

Prototypes are the beginning of creativity and invention, and here at Delta Dynamics, we want to help you produce innovative products with machinery that functions flawlessly. If you are sending us design ideas for manufacturing or measurements, we will be there to guide you in your development process. You can also send us your prototype and we will provide you with feedback. We have plenty of experience with prototypes, as we frequently develop them for clients who need to fix or enhance their existing machinery.

The following is a simple breakdown of our prototype gear design process:

  • Complete analysis of power transmission design
  • Identify areas of weakness or potential failure (focusing on gear grinding)
  • Generate redesign concept to solve for any identified issues
  • Check that redesign matches customers’ original concept
  • Add our ideas and suggestions for value-added design
  • Produce transmission system cross-sectional Solid Model
  • Analyze power flow
  • Generate detailed final design for approval
  • Manufacture


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